My name is Sue Robson. You might have worked that out already.... I was born and still live and work near Totnes in the beautiful county of Devon.

I was always making things while I was growing up - my mother's complaint was that my room was always covered with little bits of paper!

Aged 15, I started to learn traditional Honiton Lacemaking, gaining a prize at the county show. A-level art was only to be expected

Having made  my own set of bobbins, I started selling lace and jewellery at festivals and fairs.  I started spinning and dying wool with natural materials as well.
All this activity was put on hold when my children were born and I satisfied my artistic drive by working creatively with children and young people in an educational/care situation. 

My children have now grown up and I have returned to my passion for jewellery...... dissatisfied with using commercially available materials I was looking to develop my work and found the answer a couple of years ago.


Occupying myself while a friend was attending a music school I found  myself  at a bead makers fair. My eyes were opened. I was hooked. The same friend indulged me with a basic tool kit - a torch, gas, mandrels etc, glass rods and tuition with a local bead maker. The best Christmas present ever.   With his continuing love, help and encouragement, I now have a studio overlooking my garden and a stunning view across the countryside, much to the amusement of our chickens who come up to look in at me while I am working...

I like to make 'organic' beads using the way molten glass moves and the different colours of glass react with each other to produce effects reminiscent of local geology, the movement of water, the landscape, nature....

I am working on a collection using semi precious stones and my own beads and I am  exploring  transparent glass tumbled for a sea-glass effect and glass 'pebbles'  - I grew up beside the sea and never could walk on the beach without coming back with pockets full of treasures!    I am currently learning silversmithing and enamelling and I soon hope to be able to include this in my work.