NEW range of Sand Beads & Sidmouth Folk Week

What an exciting few weeks it’s been. I’m just back from a fabulous time at Sidmouth Folk Week where I was exhibiting in the Masonic Hall and launched my new range of Sand Beads. These include genuine beach sand and come with a note to say which beach the sand came from. For technical reasons only pendants are available at the moment. But I’m working on producing a range of pieces when I’ve cracked the problems I’m having – maybe not the best choice of words for glass, but I’m sure you understand.

A variety of effects are produced due to the grain size, colour and chemical composition of different sands. I never cease to be amazed by this.

I also have little helpers out collecting samples of sand from other beaches over the summer holidays. If you have a favourite sea or river beach let me know and collect some sand for me – a couple of tablespoons full is quite enough.